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Lagardère Active TV Distribution is a team dedicated to the distribution and the development of thematic TV channels.

The team works with a network of local agents all over the world. Lagardère Active TV Distribution’s portfolio covers a wide range of thematics: music, kids, families, women, men, which are distributed in 45 countries.


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Lagardère is a pure media group led by Arnaud Lagardère. The group operates worldwide and is structured according to 4 distinct and complementary business units.

Lagardere Active

Lagardère Active, a creator of multimedia content and aggregator for every type of platform, plays a leading role in all six of the fields where it operates:

Magazine publishing:  N°1 in France (ELLE , Paris Match , etc.).

Radio:  The leading private radio stations in almost all the 8 countries where it operates: France (Europe 1 , Virgin Radio , RFM ), Russia, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Saarland, Germany and South Africa. 

Television:  Market leader in the youth and music TV channels with one free-to-air DTT channel (Gulli ) and 9 pay channels (TiJi , Mezzo , etc.).

Audiovisual production:  Second largest audiovisual production group in France, market leader in TV dramas and series (Borgia  by Tom Fontana, etc.).

Digital activities:  Lagardère Active operates a global portfolio of over 100 websites and is co-leading among media groups in France with over one million unique visitors on Internet (Doctissimo.fr , etc.), mobile phones and tablets.

Advertising: 2nd largest advertising sales organization, among the top 15 multimedia space selling organizations except for outdoor and cinema advertising.

Lagardere Publishing

The world's second-largest trade-book publisher for the general public and educational markets (1st in France and the United Kingdom, 2nd in Spain and 5th in the United States), Lagardère Publishing is a federation of publishing houses with a large measure of editorial independence. Its publishing houses are united by common management rules, a concerted effort to expand digital activities and a coordinated strategy vis-à-vis global distribution giants.

Lagardere Services

With a presence in 20 countries in Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region, Lagardère Services is the global leader in Press Distribution. It manages a large network of outlets in the world's transportation hubs, offering reading material and convenience goods, along with luxury boutiques and duty free goods, specialised concepts stores, and fast food restaurants.

Lagardere Unlimited

Lagardère Unlimited is innovating and leveraging the synergies between six business lines: representing entertainment and sports talents; managing sports academies; organising and running sports events; managing the media rights to the events; marketing sports rights and associated products; and consulting in the management/operation of stadiums and sports venues.