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01/02/2016 Fraisi Fantastique ! Une saison 3 pour Charlotte aux Fraises

Fraisi fantastique !

Une saison 3 pour Charlotte aux Fraises: Aventures à Fraisi-Paradis 
Tous les matins à 7h20 dès le 23 janvier sur TIJI !  

En bonus à partir du 6 février pour célébrer l’arrivée des vacances, Tijipropose à ses petits téléspectateurs de retrouver Charlotte et ses amies pour un moment de détente inédit à 12h25.

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13/03/2015 Brit Awards 2015 on MCM

Find the Brit Awards 2015 on MCM

FRIDAY 13 MARCH 8:05 p.m.

MCM will broadcast the ceremony of Brit Awards 2015from the O2 Arena in London on 13 March.

> Brit Awards 2015 on MCM

04/03/2015 Paris Fashion Week by Audrey Chauvreau

The only dedicated daily TV magazine for the fashion week in Paris

From Wednesday 4 to Friday, March 13 at 20:35

Twice a year, the fashion world moves to Paris to present ready-to-wear designers French hottest collections.On this occasion, June TV offers an exciting trip into the heart of this event with Paris Fashion Week by Audrey Chauveau, the only television broadcast daily magazine on D + 1, the best collections of this fashion marathon.

> June TV - Fashion Week

27/02/2015 Brit Awards on Virgin Radio TV

Watch the Brit Awards in exclusivity on Virgin Radio TV the 27 of February at 8.45pm.

> DP Brit Awards

06/02/2015 Tahiti Quest season 2 - Starting February 6

Tahiti Quest Season 2, let's go!For the second year, Benjamin Castaldi keeps the game controls to Gulli family adventures and takes you in French Polynesia to meet five families-vitamin. Motivated, they are ready to have fun and meet all challenges to win a dream cruise!
New this year for Tahiti Quest: launch of a daily 3 'Monday, February 2nd at 19h. These daily resume emission extracts but above all seek to highlight the Polynesian culture (coconut, Haka, the myth of vahiné ..).

> Tahiti Quest Season 2 - Presentation

06/02/2015 On Gulli, TiJi & Canal J, it's holidays for everybody !

As early as Friday, February 6 and for over a month, the three of Lagardère Active Youth channels invite their viewers to warm stall in front of their favorite shows and enjoy special programming. A well-deserved winter break!

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28/01/2015 Big Digit 2015

TV channel by Lagardere Active receives a prestigious Russian award



On January 28 «Telekanal Deda Moroza” (the local Russian-language version of « La Chaine de Pere Noel») won a prestigeous Russian award «Big Digit 2015»  in the category « Best Entertainment Channel». 

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13/01/2015 Tahiti Quest - 2nd season - New teaser

Discover the second season teaser of Tahiti Quest, presented by Benjamin Castaldi on Gulli.


04/01/2015 Gulli Talk Show "Ca sera moi"

There has been for each of us a job we dreamed as a child: doctor, fireman, aviator, road, chef, singer...
Gulli and ONISEP combine for the first time to offer this opportunity to 13 students aged 10 to 13 years.

13 experiences to discover on Gulli every Sunday at 20:15 from January 4, 2015.

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15/12/2014 Gulli HbbTV rewarded with SMA awards

Gulli HbbTV rewarded with the SMA Awards Forthe 3rd edition for the SMA Awards which rewardthe best audio-visual experiments for the year,Wiztivi and Gulli, were rewarded for the special mention of the jury in the category “Better HbbTVdevelopment” for the deployment of Gulli HbbTV.An interface with the immersif design.