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28/01/2015 Big Digit 2015

TV channel by Lagardere Active receives a prestigious Russian award



On January 28 «Telekanal Deda Moroza” (the local Russian-language version of « La Chaine de Pere Noel») won a prestigeous Russian award «Big Digit 2015»  in the category « Best Entertainment Channel». 

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13/01/2015 Tahiti Quest - 2nd season - New teaser

Discover the second season teaser of Tahiti Quest, presented by Benjamin Castaldi on Gulli.


04/01/2015 Gulli Talk Show "Ca sera moi"

There has been for each of us a job we dreamed as a child: doctor, fireman, aviator, road, chef, singer...
Gulli and ONISEP combine for the first time to offer this opportunity to 13 students aged 10 to 13 years.

13 experiences to discover on Gulli every Sunday at 20:15 from January 4, 2015.

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15/12/2014 Gulli HbbTV rewarded with SMA awards

Gulli HbbTV rewarded with the SMA Awards Forthe 3rd edition for the SMA Awards which rewardthe best audio-visual experiments for the year,Wiztivi and Gulli, were rewarded for the special mention of the jury in the category “Better HbbTVdevelopment” for the deployment of Gulli HbbTV.An interface with the immersif design.

28/11/2014 Christmas has come early

Christmas has come early at 6:40pm this friday on Gulli (11.28.2014)

Watch the trailer here...

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22/11/2014 Final Intervilles International - Saturday, November 22

They have passed all the previous tests, but this time one team will win.

Who will be the winners of this season Intercities International ?

The answer with Cecile and Joan, Saturday, November 22 at 20:45 on Gulli!

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23/10/2014 Gulli - Golden Ray 2014


On October 23 TV channel TiJi was awarded again with the “Golden Ray”, a prestigious Russian award in the cable, satellite and Internet-TV industry at the ceremony in Moscow.

> Goldan Ray 2014 [Russian]

> Golden Ray 2014 [English]

> Golden Ray 2014 [French]

17/02/2014 Mezzo & RCO extend their partnership.

For some years now, the Royal Concergebouw Orchestra and French TV channel MEZZO have been enjoying a fruitful partnership, allowing by the orchestra to be broadcast in 45 countries and 21 milion households around the world.

> MEZZO and RCO extend their partnership.

10/02/2014 Big Hit for MEZZO LIVE HD and TIJI at the CSTB Show in Russia!

MEZZO LIVE HD and TIJI RUSSIA have been elected as the Best Music TV Channel  and the Best Youth TV Channel  by the Big Digit during the CSTB Exhibition in Moscow, Russia.

> Big Digit Award 2014 - TiJi Russie & Mezzo Live HD Award - English Version

> Big Digit Award 2014 - TiJi Russie & Mezzo Live HD récompensées - Version Française

> Big Digit Award 2014 - TiJi Russie & Mezzo Live HD Award - Russian Version

28/01/2014 Friends is on JUNE.

The legendary TV Sitcom is now on JUNE!

Monica Geller, a young 25 years old cooker is living in an appartment located in Manhattan, New York. One day, her childhood friend, Rachel, is coming to visit her. She just broke up with her future husband the day of their wedding. 

Rachel becomes Monica's new roomate and integrate herself into the group without any issue.
With them, the characters of Ross, Chandler, Joey and Phoebe are about to hit the History of TV shows making Friends the most famous show in the early 2000'.